Helping your child overcome speech & language problems with...
Dedicated Professionals

Achievement Therapy Center believes in treating patients like individuals. When you make the decision to pursue treatment for a speech or language disorder, you’ll get a dedicated professional who will give your child the attention they need and the encouragement they deserve. Achievement Therapy Center will take the time to devise a course of action designed to help overcome the challenges your child is facing. And their treatment will be conducted in a warm, comfortable office setting designed to put you at ease.

Compressive Assessment

Pediatric Patients participating in our Speech & Language Therapy Programs will complete a comprehensive assessment before they begin therapy to determine a treatment plan based on your child’s specific needs. Our Speech-Language Pathologist will use formal assessments, behavioral observations, parental report, and background information to determine the severity of the speech and/or language problem that is present according to age-designed development. Based upon this information, our Speech-Language Pathologist will design an individual treatment program and thoroughly evaluate this program regularly in order to make changes as needed depending on the child’s progress.

Family Involvement

Parental or caregiver involvement is the key to a successful treatment. Family training is provided to educate parents about vocabulary and strategies that are being used and taught to improve their child’s communications and language skills. Achievement Therapy Center wants to help you overcome the effects of a speech problem or language disorder.

Our Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy programs treat cognitive, communication, and feeding disorders including, but not limited to:
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Expressive Language
  • Information Processing in Speed/Function
  • Speech Intelligibility/Fluency
  • Deficits in Swallowing
  • Oral Motor Dysfunction
  • Feeding Issues